How does Tongkat Ali work?
Tongkat Ali stimulates the body’s natural way of producing testosterone and blocks the negative feedback cycle (a cycle that occurs when the level of testosterone is at its natural peak). Eurycomanone, Tongkat Ali’s main active ingredient, blocks signals when reaching testosterone’s natural peak and steadily increases one’s natural level.
On Andropause
As men age, testosterone levels gradually decreases. This condition is called andropause – characterized by low energy, lack of sexual response, extreme fatigue and lack of mental focus. Tongkat Ali use is a natural, herbal approach that is much less expensive than available therapies.
Tongkat Ali has been proven to show these effects:

Increased libido.
Enhanced semen volume and quality.

On Mood and State
In a study by Talbott et al (2013), the authors examined the effects ofTongkat Ali on men and women in moderate stress state. The participants were supplemented with Tongkat Ali root extract in hot water for 4 weeks. The study resulted in significant improvements in the following criteria: anger, tension and confusion.
The participants’ stress hormone profile and testosterone levels also improved significantly.
The significant results found in the study is suggestive of the benefits oftongkat ali as an effective approach to protecting the body from the effects of modern stress, lack of sleep, dieting, and exercise training.

On muscle growth
Tongkat Ali has been used for gaining muscles (more common use among bodybuilders). The testosterone boost that it gives help improve fat to lean muscle mass ratio. With the increased stamina and energy level that supplementation of tongkat ali provides, it is a good combination with working out.

What is the suggested use?
Take 2-3 capsules spread throughout the day. Always consult your physician before taking any supplements

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